Frequently Asked Question

The need for efficient transportation of medical supplies has risen significantly as individuals recognize the importance of regular check-ups, diagnostic tests, and prompt access to medications. To ensure the swift and secure delivery of medical samples, pharmaceuticals, and equipment to their designated destinations, the role of medical courier services is indispensable.

Experience the convenience of Borzo’s medicine delivery service, where worries about missing your medication on time are a thing of the past. We’ve made it easy for you to have your medicine delivered right to your doorstep. Simply book a Borzo courier with just a few clicks, and ensure your medications are conveniently and promptly brought to you.

We can set an account up in minutes. A simple Google doc form is completed and viola!

YES, Call 0800 612 6512 to speak to the decision making manager.

YES. and calibrated every 6 months

YES…. normally within an hour or two.